About us


Annamaria Costantini born in Bari and, after graduating in secretariat, she worked for the big Ferrero industries.

She got married when she was 24 with the surveyor Costantini and, after having their first child, she moved to Trieste.

Annamaria decided to follow her big innate passion: fashion. Since she was little girl, she used to spend hours making clothes for her dolls on her own.

She started from there. After attending a styling and tailoring course, Annamaria rented two small local businesses and started creating brand new clothes for a limited group of costumers.

Soon her business became too small for her big ambitions, so, only few years later, she moved in a bigger, elegant and sophisticated atelier where she organized also some fashion shows.

During the financial boom in the ‘90s, Annamaria decided to open her first boutique in Via Mazzini, where she created lots of clothing and helped her customers to find what had always inspired her: elegance and Milan fashion style.

She became an expert in textiles and grew professionalism towards her clients, then, in 2002, she achieved her dream: the Atelier in Via Imbriani 10 in Trieste.

In her atelier the customers can appreciate beautiful and quality clothes with a competitive value for money and a gentle style. Clothes fit perfectly and Annamaria is always helpful with a fashion consulting service, updated to the last fashion style.

As well as clothing of pure tailoring, Annamaria always provides in her boutique the best fashion brands made in Italy.

The boutique provides a wide selection of “basic style” clothes, perfect for businesswomen, but also peculiar clothes, for those who want to feel different in every time of the day. Moreover bridal gowns, ceremony and gala dresses can be found in the boutique.

Her life is focused on her two biggest loves: her family and fashion.
Only one purpose: making a woman feel more beautiful, delicate and confident.
Annamaria’s motto: dedicate her experience to her customers being professional, helpful and kind and never stop believing in her passion!